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2011 June

Social Media as a Platform

There has been a lot of talk lately around the concept of social media “analytics”, or the measurement of one’s reach into the social world. But this is a bit of a misnomer as social media is not really a thing to be measured but a community that requires participation. It’s no longer sufficient to […]


Adding Google Maps to your Listings

Did you ever want to add a map to your listing?  Sure it doesn’t always matter, but what about when it does?  Take for instance, our home town of Orlando.  If you live on the East Side as I do, your center point is the University of Central Florida and seldom do you need to leave this side of town to do much of anything.  Yet if you want to go to Walt Disney World, it can be a 30-45 minute drive.  Now that isn’t a bad deal if the destination is Disney, but what about if it is just Dinner.


The Value of QR Codes

A few weeks ago, we discussed the use of QR codes for content marketing, but did not really discuss the practical application or value as a marketing tool. While it’s definitely nice to have a QR code embedded on a traditional website (for example, to quickly open the same link on a smartphone without having […]


I am just one person – what can I do?

“Never underestimate the power of a small, dedicated group of people to change the world; indeed, that is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead Okay so that is also on a bunch of motivational posters, it is just a saying.  It doesn’t really mean that I can do it.  Well actually it […]