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2011 July

Getting Creative with School Fundraising

The new school year will be here before we know it and with it, Fundraising season. The process of obtaining donations (the “Ask) does not need to be so challenging if you break with tradition and seek out the unique contributions your staff and parents can provide. And with a dash of social media marketing, […]


Google’s march into Social Media – Part 2

Last week, we took a first look at Google’s new social media product, Google+. This week, we finish up our grand circle tour and see if the new network is ready for business use, and more importantly, ready to promote your next fundraiser or event.   Everyone has an opinion The heart of any social […]


Google’s march into Social Media – Part 1

It’s been about two weeks and already the invite-only social network Google+ has amassed 10 million users and 1 billion shares per day (per Google’s own press releases). Clearly Google wanted to make a splash and they are succeeding, but the new social network is not without its growing pains and after two weeks of […]


Behind the Scenes of a Charity Auction – Installment 1

Most people assume that is like every other auction software company, a bunch of programmers who have never run an auction.  “They don’t get us”, you are probably thinking.  Well, you would be wrong.  You see,’s foundation is that of a frustrated auction manager who needed software to handle the day to day […]


AuctionAnything Celebrates Social Media Day

Don’t worry if you forgot to get us a card this week, just share this article and we will call it even.  We all agreed not to exchange gifts, what with the economy and all.  So we just got together as a virtual family and remembered what was important during this year’s Social Media Day.  […]