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2011 October

New Image Uploader is Launched

Months in the making, we are pleased to launch our new image uploader.  The new image uploader represents the direction we are taking the auction platform with more drag and drop, in-page management and on-the-fly editing. While there are a ton of new benefits, the most exciting is the incorporation of the same image resizing […]


Sell Tickets for your Event through your Auction Site

Over the years, I have been asked this question many times. How do I sell tickets to my event? Within the auction system, you have the ability to list an LTO (limited time offer – fixed price multi-quantity) listing.  What this feature does for you is to facilitate the sale of a ticket.  As the […]


Behind the Scenes of a Charity Auction – Installment 2

It has been a while since I updated readers about the charity auction that I am directly involved with.  As was a part of the first post, each year, I try to help out a local charity with their auction event.  This year, I am assisting Special Olympics with their Island Hop event. Problem 1:  Too […]


To bundle or Not to bundle

Often times in an auction you have 2 items that seem to go together that you naturally want to bundle with the thought that it will get you a higher dollar return, but is that always the best choice? Questions to ask before bundling Is one of the items of a much higher value than […]


A New Idea for Event Auction Payment Collection

Recently I had a discussion with a school that was taking their entire silent auction online and were faced with a dilemma. They still had 20 auction items up for bidding on the live auction that they wanted to take payment on in a secure fashion.  It didn’t make sense to use one of the […]