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A New Idea for Event Auction Payment Collection

Recently I had a discussion with a school that was taking their entire silent auction online and were faced with a dilemma. They still had 20 auction items up for bidding on the live auction that they wanted to take payment on in a secure fashion.  It didn’t make sense to use one of the credit card terminal companies for just 20 or less transactions.  They were stumped.  As a result, they were going to take 50 or so silent auction items off of the online bidding just so that they could feel good about what they were paying to have credit cards available at the event.

I asked a couple of key questions.

  1. Where is your event being held?  The answer – a hotel ballroom
  2. Do you or one of your organizers have a smartphone?  The person I was talking to did in fact have an iPhone.
My suggestion:  Square (
Now she will be able to accept payments from her live auction winning bidders with little or no expense other than the percentage processing fee.  Square is one of many smart phone enabled personal credit card processing services out there.  It happens to be the one I am most familiar with, but there are several others so search out what is right for your organization.

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