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Auction Search Evolves – Filter Tags Added

During the first half of 2015, took a big step in the redesign of our auction system by making significant updates to the auction search capabilities. We added an auto-suggest “omni-bar” at the top of each page to ensure users were able to quickly locate items of interest by keyword. We included the ability to search item descriptions by keyword, and built out the Advanced Search function. We also updated the search results display to include a gallery view, implemented a Quick View option and tweaked a host of other search related options.

Our objective was to not only improve the immediate user experience, but lay the groundwork for future enhancements to the online auction software. From a technical perspective, the underlying code has been dramatically improved. This has allowed us to provide auction users a more consistent browsing experience. The search by keyword, search by category, advanced search, Watch List, Recently Viewed Items and My Bids features all now use the same templating system to deliver users visual continuity throughout the auction web site. In addition, we’re now able to more easily integrate new features into the auction software.


The Next Step – Search Filter Tags

We unveiled the new Quick Bid function just a day ago in our last blog post, “Quick Bid – Faster, More Convenient Bidding“. Today, we’ll provide some insight regarding Search Filter Tags. Given the recents improvements to the Advanced Search feature, it made sense to add the associated filter tags to the search results next. As seen on many e-commerce websites, “Tags” as we’ll refer to them, are useful in a number of ways.

Expanded Search Form with Tags


I See What You Did There

Any search (e.g. Advanced Search, Category Search, My Bids) can be updated by using the “Refine” button located above the associated search results table. The Search Form expands into view and can easily be collapsed to provide more room for the display. When collapsed, the Tags provide the user with a clear indication of which search filters were applied to the last search. This eliminates the need for the viewer to expand the Search Form to see the criteria.

Collapsed Search Form with Tags


Quickly Expand Search Results

All Tags contain an “X” icon which allows the respective filter to be removed from the subsequent search. When clicked, the search will re-run automatically and the new results displayed. This is a convenient way to quickly “expand” a search, and potentially show additional matches, without modifying the form and explicitly performing another search. When applicable, a “Clear All” button is provided to remove all filters.



Although Tags are useful for many online auction projects, the auction administrator may turn “off” the Search Filter Tags option within Tools > Settings > Search & Displays under the “Search Options” section. Please note that this feature will be “on” for all systems by default.

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