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AuctionAnything Celebrates Social Media Day

Don’t worry if you forgot to get us a card this week, just share this article and we will call it even.  We all agreed not to exchange gifts, what with the economy and all.  So we just got together as a virtual family and remembered what was important during this year’s Social Media Day.  Here is our list of things to be thankful for:

  • Facebook LIKE, SEND, facepile and other features that let’s face it, make every website look like a NASCAR driver’s firesuit but somehow, we thank Facebook for the grafitti as it brings us new traffic.
  • Twitter – What can I say about you but you have taken the realm of social marketing and broken it down into 140 characters of pure enjoyment and enter (dang it ran out of characters again)
  • Linked In – I am Linked, now what?  You are the complicated, brooding uncle that is a genius, but has trouble at parties.  But we still love you.
  • MySpace – You have answered the question, what do you get an uber-rich celebrity who has everything?  Yes, Justin Timberlake was going to buy another car or a small, third world country, but instead, found MySpace to be just like his favorite pair of vintage jeans.  Worn out, but still having a little life in them.
  • Google + – This new kid on the block (so new, that only a few people have gotten invites) will attempt to become the new “king of the social media hill” in the coming months. With it’s tight search integration, we are sure to have even better ads targeted to us on a minute by minute basis.

We kid because we really care.  We understand the importance of social media and since the last Social Media Day (yes, this wasn’t the first one), here are a few things that we have done at to embrace Social Media.

  • Added the LIKE button to your auction site with both site and item references.
  • Created the first and from what we can tell only, Facebook application to further market your auction site and listings to 650 million users.
  • Added this blog to keep you up to date on changes and new ideas in the world of online auctions.
  • Twitter communication to both our current and future users so you can keep up to date with what is going on at as well as to promote our client auctions.

What is in store between now and the next Social Media Day? We have a ton of ideas and projects in the works. As we adapt to changes in the social media landscape, we will continue to keep up with the latest trends and tools as they are brought to market.

We would just like to end with a Happy Social Media Day to all (albeit a day late).  Go tell two friends about, be sure to friend us on Facebook, and to follow us on Twitter. We are happy you are here.

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