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Broadcast an Online Auction “On-air” with Electronic Boards

Overview has recently enhanced the Board Management utility associated with broadcasting online auctions. This advanced feature enables auction managers to quickly and easily group items onto designated boards and schedule them for “on air” display. The electronic board output may then be televised using a scan converter. The display will automatically update high bid amounts in yellow (and high bidders if applicable) as incoming bids are logged in the system.

What is a “board”?

An auction board typically contains 5 – 7 auction listings. The display consists of the following data components:

  • Board Title Display
  • Item Identifier (optional)
  • Item Title
  • Item Value
  • Item High Bid
  • Item High Bidder (optional)
  • Item Donor (optional)
Board Example with Donor Name

Board Example with Donor Name

Board Settings

The “on-air” display may be customized by setting the following options:

  • Select default background image or enter custom image
  • Choose number of items to display
  • Show/Hide item identifier (i.e. Lot Number or Product ID)
  • Display item Donor or High Bidder (optional)
  • Select font family
  • Set font sizes
Board Example with High Bidder

Board Example with High Bidder

Creating a Board

Adding items to a board is now “drag-n-drop” easy. Just use the new, auto-complete keyword search to locate items by Title, Product ID or Lot Number and drag them from the list to the highlighted board. Once an item is “boarded” it is removed from the available, open item list. Search matches may be sorted by Lot, Value or Closing date/time. There are also quick search buttons to locate all boarded/not boarded items. When searching boarded items the respective board is displayed for convenience. Total board values are also provided.

Please note that the Board Management feature is located within the new Auction Center under the “Boards” tab. Further information regarding the Auction Center will be posted soon.

To see the new Board Management console in action please view the associated “How To” video below. Happy auctioning!

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