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How the Auction Event Module Works

  Event Module offers an Event Module which provides the administrator with the ability to group auction listings by sales event. A sales event typically contains any number of listings which start and close together and run over a specific period of time (e.g. a week). An event consists the following attributes: Title Start […]


Selecting the Best Payment Collection Method for Your Online Auction

  One of the most interesting things about providing auction-based, e-commerce solutions over the last 20 years is seeing the variety of applications for which the software can be used. services a wide range of client types with different payment collection requirements. We have clients selling low volume, high ticket items like salvageable steel, […]


Privacy Options for Your Online Auction Web Site provides three privacy levels which may be used to customize the operation of your online auction web site. Private System Private Registration Private Bidding & Viewing   Private System A private system (i.e. auction web site) is one in which the visitors must have an account and log-in to view any of the […]


New Member Center Changes Everything

  The new Member Center is a welcomed and extremely useful addition to the Admin Management Console. It not only retains the functionality provided in the former Member Locator, but offers a number of new features which are designed to help save time and streamline many administrative tasks. In addition, the Member Center delivers insight […]


Auction Management – Better in Every Way

For clients, and others following or subscribed to our Newsletter, you may have noticed after seeing our recent posts that the administrative portion of the auction system is undergoing a major overhaul. Since there’s much more on the horizon, now’s a good time to take a moment and share the strategy behind our decision […]