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New Admin Dashboard Provides Improved Insight

Fresh off delivering a significant update to the Auction Center, has released an improved administrative Dashboard (formerly identified as the “Account” menu). The update provides another major enhancement to the the re-designed Administration Console. The Dashboard contains the following sections: Home Setup Messages Schedule Work Orders Settings Status   Home The Dashboard Home tab […]


New Auction Center Increases Productivity for Auction Managers has officially launched the beta version of the new Auction Center. This is a significant update to our fully hosted online auction software and is specifically designed to help auction administrators further streamline their data entry and auction management tasks. As with the existing Image and Payment Centers, all content is organized using easy […]


All Aboard! Let Your Auction Sponsorship Sail.

It’s only natural to get caught up in the activities associated with collecting donations for your online auction fundraising event. After all, there are calls to make, e-mails to process, products and gift certificates to collect, and listing descriptions to write. However, don’t forget that your software contains sponsorship capabilities too. Integrating paid sponsorships […]


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Art and Online Auctions have been bitter enemies since before the Hatfields and McCoys. Why? Well Art felt like it wasn’t getting enough exposure on the auction and there wasn’t enough detail to get top dollar. Some auction managers have done a good job of selling art online strictly because they were willing to forgo […]


Presenting the new

We have made some updates to the web site representing our focus on constantly improving our auction offerings for you.  The new site represents several months of design and implementation efforts into a crisp, clean, Web 2012 design.  We hope you like it.