Creative Auction Marketing Ideas – Text to Bid

Text to Bid at Auction



Getting creative with your Auction marketing can be the difference between a successful and an average auction. “Engaging Results” just delivered a great way to encourage participation and created a secondary way to engage their auction bidders.

Text to Bid

Simply text the word Auction to 30364 and you will receive a bounce back message to your phone with the secret challenge phrase to register for the auction.  They have taken the filter off by allowing people who don’t know how to text or can’t text to just send an email and receive the codes that way as well.

In addition to adding users to their Text campaigns, they also have a different way of reaching out to their bidders to grab their attention.  This multiple channel approach offers you more avenues for people to talk about your auction.  Don’t worry if you have never done a text campaign before.  A quick search of Google for “text campaign providers” can get you going in the right direction.  At pennies per text, it is also one of the cheapest ways to keep in touch with your users.


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