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So we hear you’re looking for another way to increase awareness of your online auction web site. Well, how about trying out the new, scrollable, auction item widget? It’s a great way to deliver attractive, auction content to external, or third party, web pages. Here’s a quick sample of the widget in action using a live feed of auction data from our friends at


So, What Exactly is a Widget?

Widgets, also known as web widgets, are handy little pieces of code which can be used (i.e. embedded) just about anywhere you have the ability to create or update web content. You see them everywhere, from Google ads to Facebook Like buttons. They deliver “pre-packaged” content which is already formatted and ready to be displayed wherever you wish to put them.


Keep It Simple Stewart!

The beauty of the widget is its simplicity. As you can see in the “How to” video below, a widget can be created and implemented in minutes with just a few easy steps:

  1. Customize the widget and generate code with a few clicks.
  2. Copy and paste the code where you want the content to show (e.g. a blog).
  3. Save the changes to your new page.


But Where?

Anyone who wishes to help promote your auction web site can incorporate the widget code within their own web presence. It’s up to you where you permit your widget to be used. Some common places to use the auction widget include:

  • your corporate web site (e.g. PBS Online Auctions).
  • your corporate or personal blog.
  • a consignor’s web site or blog.
  • a donor’s web site or blog.
  • on your auction home page or custom auction page.


Check Out the “How To” Video

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