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Don’t forget your roots

Technology is great, well when it works… I hear this phrase all the time from so many people especially when they find that I am the owner of a technology company. My typical response is something along the lines of “You’re preaching to the choir”, since I could be awake in the middle of the night if something isn’t working as it should be.

It’s true though, it is great (when it works) and we often take things for granted that we may have never dreamed of doing just a few years ago. I’ve heard comedians joke that a passenger was complaining about in flight Internet access going down shortly after being made available, with a comment like “it figures”. The comedian explains that the passenger is griping about something that wasn’t even available to them one day ago.

I often hear teens talk about how outdated their parents phones are or how they don’t know how to use Facebook or Twitter. I sat through a graduation speech at a high school last year and laughed out loud (no, not LOL but really laughed out loud) when one of the Magna Cum Laude students was boasting about how they are the Facebook and Twitter generation.

I laughed thinking how they will someday sit at one of their children’s graduations and hear about how technologically superior they are to their parents and how they are the pioneers of the latest trend.

Don’t get me wrong I love social media (after all this will end up as a link on Facebook), but it was our generation that spawned the rise of this “great technology” . Al Gore aside, we did bring the Internet to the place it now sits so boastfully and all-knowing.

We sat through painful dial-up sessions with countless busy signals, we put up with the cheesy AOL graphics (and sounds), we created animated gif’s and colored text before Flash, Silverlight, or Ajax ever existed.

We (our generation) changed it all. Our company was born out of the necessity to automate and simplify the system of email bidding that was originally being used to sell memorabilia. In 15 years we have been able to accomplish so much (with the changing technology) and things are moving faster than ever.

As we grow and improve we are forced to change things that were more than acceptable just a year or two ago. Better design, navigation and faster access to real time data. It’s a challenge but it all leads to less time spent by you (our clients) ‘managing the system’ and more time spent by your customers enjoying the process of bidding.

We are constantly looking to (and implementing) new technologies to make the system easier, faster, and less cumbersome. We actually rely on technology to help our customers become less dependent on understanding what’s behind it all. Our goal remains the same (even after 15 years) make bidding easier!

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