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Fall is a time for new beginnings

Fall is a great time of year. The weather is hopefully starting to cool down, the kids are back in school and the rush is on to finish out the year on a positive note. Fall is also a great time to take stock of your business and what you plan to accomplish in the remaining months of the year. At, we welcome the start of fall fundraising season, we look forward to welcoming back our annual event clients and we also take a look at the year so far and what we want to accomplish before year’s end.

So far in 2011, we have rolled out our new Blog, provided our clients with industry leading Facebook integration and our very own Facebook App, have optimized large portions of the application and worked on many custom development projects with our clients. We’ve also made many improvements to our technical infrastructure, from new servers and software to optimizing our software update and backup processes. But we are not done yet, and in the coming months we are looking forward to bringing you some exciting new product features and services. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the things we are working on for the remainder of 2011.

1. A new website – in the coming months, we will be taking the wraps off our brand new corporate website. This blog and lots of other great information and functionality will be rolled into a new state of the art web platform so that we can keep in touch with our clients and visitors and get the word out about like never before.

2. New ways to upload images – you’ve asked for it and we are delivering a brand new way to upload images to your auction site. This new web-based image uploader is in the final stages of testing and development and will be rolled out soon to all clients. With features like auto-resize, instant thumbnail creation and drag and drop uploading, we think you’re really going to like this new method of uploading your images for your next event.

3. Custom data feeds – have you ever needed to get information out of your auction site but did not know which report to use? We are rolling out custom data feed support in the coming weeks so that you can get the information you need when you need it.

At, we are always looking for ways to improve our client’s experiences with our software. In the next few months we will be busy adding new features, new services and a new look to our web site. As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to helping you achieve your goals this fall!

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