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Feed Me Seymour has released a number of new API feeds for our tech savvy clients. Feeds include item feeds, featured items, donors, random items, and electronic boards to name a few.

How are the API Feeds used?

Here are just some of the uses that have already been applied:

  • Customized Facebook Applications – Some clients wanted even more flexibility than our Facebook Application offered so they created their own using the API feed to grab current high bid, closing time and more.
  • Televised Current Bids – Some of our broadcast clients are using the API Feed to create a custom lower third crawl with current items, titles, high bidder and current high bid.  Adding more to their broadcast and supporting the auction without interrupting programming.
  • Auction Content on Non-Auction Pages – Some clients are creating widgets that they can place on another web site to promote the auction with current items, bids, etc.

What will you do with the API Feed?  Well, that’s up to you.

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