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How the Auction Event Module Works


Event Module offers an Event Module which provides the administrator with the ability to group auction listings by sales event. A sales event typically contains any number of listings which start and close together and run over a specific period of time (e.g. a week). An event consists the following attributes:

  • Title
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Registration Status (used only with Event Registration option – see below)
  • Registration Instructions Link (optional)
  • Currency Setting


Why use Events?

An auction event may have specific requirements and may only appeal to certain bidders. Events may also overlap with each other, but need to be tracked individually. The Event Module allows the admin to handle these circumstances more effectively. It also provides the following benefits:

  • Allow searching/browsing by event.
  • Display event overview via dedicated home page module
  • Assigned specific terms and conditions to each event.
  • Invoice and account for events independently.
  • Report on events individually.
  • Track registrants on an event basis and market to them accordingly.


Event Registration

In conjunction with the standard Event Module, the Event Registration option may also be used to extend the event management functionality. This feature requires members of the auction web site to specifically “register” for each event. Event registration entails agreeing to the terms and conditions associated with the respective sale. Note that the member’s “master” account information is still used to log-in and bid for all sales events.

In addition, the Event Registration function contains a Registration Status control which is set by the auction administrator when the event is created. This option determines when and if a bidder will be allowed to participate. The following settings are available.

  1. All event registrants immediately set to “approved”.
  2. All event registrants immediately set to “Pending”.

Note that option 2 requires the administrator to review and approve/deny each account. Once reviewed, an e-mail is sent to the member letting them know their bidding status for the associated event.



The Event Module can be a useful feature for certain online auction projects. Please carefully consider the benefits of using this option. will be happy to help you determine whether this feature is right for your online auction web site.

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