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Privacy Options for Your Online Auction Web Site provides three privacy levels which may be used to customize the operation of your online auction web site.


Private System

A private system (i.e. auction web site) is one in which the visitors must have an account and log-in to view any of the listings. This is a top-level feature, and may be used independently of the other privacy settings. Use this option if you ONLY want registered users to view items. All other visitors to the auction web site will not be able to view listings.


Private Registration

The registration process may be open to the general public (the default operation), or restricted based on the following options:

  • E-mail Restricted
    Users may register only if their e-mail address matches an admin specified domain (e.g. Multiple domains may be listed. The option is recommended for private, corporate auctions where all users have a company e-mail address.
  • Password Restricted
    Users may register only if they know the “master” registration password set by the site administrator. This password may be disseminated via e-mail, or regular mail, external of the auction system. This option is recommend for private auctions
  • Pending Registrations
    Although this option allows the general public to register for the auction, it allows the administrator to review the new user account before activating it. Once activated, the member is notified via e-mail that he/she is allowed to bid.


Private Bidding & Viewing

Listings may be specified as “private” when entered into the auction system. Such listings can be bid on only by registrants who belong to the Approved Bidder List associated with the listing. Optionally, the system can be configured so that private listings are completely “hidden” from users who are not on the respective Approved Bidder Lists.

  • Open Viewing
    The Open Viewing option allows all users to access private listings. This includes viewing items in the search/browse results as well as accessing the item bid form. However, a notice will be provided on the bid form alerting the bidder that he/she is not approved to bid on the item.
  • Restricted Viewing
    The Restricted Viewing option completely removes private listings from the view of users who are not approved to view/bid on them. This feature is used in conjunction with the Private System option since only members will be able to see items based on the admin’s discretion.
    NOTE: This feature is not standard and may incur additional costs.


Creating Member Access Groups

Access Groups are used to provide multiple members with the ability to access and bid on specific listings. The admin may create Access Groups via the Member Center and quickly assign multiple members to a designated group. Members may also be easily removed from a group, or belong to multiple groups if desired.


Assigning Access Groups to Listings

Once Access Groups are created, they may be assigned to multiple listings via the Auction Center. This process allows all the members who belong to an Access Group to bid on the listings associated with the same Access Group. Therefore, tens, hundreds or thousands of users can be restricted to bid on any number of listings.


Summary provides a number of privacy options and system configurations with our online auction software. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d enjoy learning about your web-based, auction project and how we can deliver a solution which exceeds your expectations.

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