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New Admin Dashboard Provides Improved Insight

Fresh off delivering a significant update to the Auction Center, has released an improved administrative Dashboard (formerly identified as the “Account” menu). The update provides another major enhancement to the the re-designed Administration Console.

The Dashboard contains the following sections:

  • Home
  • Setup
  • Messages
  • Schedule
  • Work Orders
  • Settings
  • Status
Admin Management Console - Dashboard Home

Admin Management Console – Dashboard Home



The Dashboard Home tab functions as the new, default “landing page” for admin account log-ins (Note: use the “WebSite” icon to return to the auction site). The display is designed to provide immediate insight regarding the status of the online auction. The goal is to deliver the administrator the information needed to eliminate the guesswork involved with performing the next task, and the capability to quickly survey the state of the auction system. For convenience, direct links to the respective Centers are supplied. The “smart log-in” process reports on the following elements:

  • General – system setup, event scheduling, accounting, work order status and various recommendations.
  • Help Desk – help desk requests from customers and service responses.
  • Messages – indicators for recent, and/or un-read messages from regarding new features, enhancements and maintenance.
  • Auctions – information related to auction listings (e.g. status, mode, reserves etc).
  • Invoicing and Payments(if applicable) – details regarding invoices, successful and unsuccessful credit card transactions and related topics.



The Setup Manager provides the administrator with a list of tasks to assist with setting up the online auction website. Included in this section are direct links to the associated controls, priority indicators and status tracking capabilities.



The Message tab includes the latest news from Check here for notifications pertaining to new features, system enhancements, bug fixes and scheduled maintenance.



The event scheduler allows clients to post their auction schedule (i.e. event/sales). recommends that clients who run event-based auctions provide this information for support and maintenance scheduling purposes.


Work Orders

Clients may use this section to view, approve and track the progress of Work Orders related to custom development projects.



The Settings area allows the administrator to personalize the “smart log-in” experience by showing/hiding certain alerts, notices and updates. In addition, various “lookbacks” may be set to determine what information is analyzed and displayed on the dashboard.



The Status Manager enables the auction administrator to set the website to “Live” (i.e. available for viewing) mode once the initial system setup is completed. Also, if needed, the site many be set to a “Coming Soon” mode to prevent visitors from accessing the auction.

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