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New Member Center Changes Everything


The new Member Center is a welcomed and extremely useful addition to the Admin Management Console. It not only retains the functionality provided in the former Member Locator, but offers a number of new features which are designed to help save time and streamline many administrative tasks. In addition, the Member Center delivers insight into customer data not previously available. Interactive charts and graphs are now included to provide attractive and professional looking data presentation.


The Quick Search utility is specifically designed to make locating customers as quick and easy as possible. The admininistrator simply needs to start typing any portion of the customer’s last name, company name or Username in the search field to retrieve related matches via the auto-suggest feature. Then, by selecting the desired user from the list, the associated Member Details modal window will open. Not only is this a simple task, but the existing page content conveniently remains visible in the background. Also note that the search form is positioned in the header of the page and therefore always immediately available.

Member Quick Search

Member Quick Search


Member Details Modal

The Member Details “drill down” modal contains a wealth of customer information and even includes some handy editing features. In addition to being triggered directly by the Quick Search feature, it can also be opened by clicking on the customer’s account number (or name) in any section of the Admin Console. Complete user information is now only a click away! The Member Detail modal uses tabs to organize the following user information:

  • Profile (with editing functions)
  • Preferences (with editing functions)
  • Info (log-in, bidding and purchase summary activity)
  • Invoices
  • Credit Card (profile and batch processing history)
  • Notes (new feature)
  • Audit (various account changes)
Member Details Modal

Member Details Modal


Graphing and Charting

One of the coolest new features included in the Member Center is the graphing and charting display of data. This interactive approach allows to present insight into customer activity in a visibly appealing manner. For example, the Most Active Bidders bar graph under the “View” tab enables the administrator to click on the customer name and drill down further into the user’s bidding and buyer activity through use of the Member Details utility. In addition, the Member Totals by Day bar graph under the Totals tab links directly to the associated list of registrants provided within the Search tab.

Member Registration Summary

Member Registration Summary


Search and Reports

Similar to the Auction and Payment Centers, the Member Center includes a revamped search feature and the ability to save searches in the Custom report section under the Reports tab. The Reports area also includes Preset member reports for fast access to data such as users “registered today”. As with all search functions, data may also be exported via MS Excel. In addition, the Display option offers the ability to control which data fields are presented on the page.


Summary continues to focus on drastically improving the auction administrative experience. The addition of the Member Center represents a significant update to the online auction software. The Quick Search feature, Member Details option and interactive graph integration all add substantial new utility to the Member Center and lend to the overall improvement of the Admin Management Console. Managing your online auction web site has never been easier!

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