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Quick Bid – Faster, More Convenient Bidding



In an effort to improve the user experience and help auction bidders save time, has released a major update to its auction software which enables bidders to place bids faster. The new, Quick Bid Form is triggered by a “Bid” button within the search results. The associated bid form is delivered in a modal window so the user never leaves the item list.

Example Quick Bid Form

Quick Bid Form


Bid Submission

Once a bid is submitted, the bid results are immediately posted back to the modal window. High bids are indicated with a congratulatory message as shown below. In addition, the bid information on the item list is updated in the background when the bid results are returned.

Example Quick Bid Form Success

Quick Bid Form - Successful Bid


Outbid Notice

When a posted bid is immediately “outbid” due to another bidder’s limit bid (i.e. proxy bid), a notice is delivered with the associated information. Please note that the bid form is automatically pre-filled with the next acceptable minimum bid to allow the user to instantly re-bid, if desired, with one click. However, the bidder may also counter-bid with a greater amount by editing the bid entry field.

Quick Bid Form - Outbid Notice

Quick Bid Form - Outbid Notice


Quick Bid highlights:

  • Fast, two-click bidding
  • Re-bid immediately with one-click
  • Minimum bid automatically pre-populated
  • Bid on multiple items more quickly
  • Bid from list and grid (gallery) views
  • Bid from any search/browse results
  • Bid from Watch List
  • Bid from Recently Viewed list
  • Bid from the new My Bids console


My Bids Update

The My Bids console has been updated to accommodate the new Quick Bid feature. The listing display is now the same as those of the search/browse, watch list and recently viewed items functions. This improvement offers bidders the ability to view items in a list or gallery (i.e. grid) format. My Bids also has an enhanced search form with options to search by keyword, category, bid price range and buy option (if available). As a result of this change, all bidders will benefit from a consistent item presentation throughout the My Account center.



If desired, the auction administrator may turn “off” the Quick Bid option within Tools > Settings > Search & Displays under the “Data Field Display” section. The Quick Bid feature is currently available on Standard Bidding (i.e. Limit Bidding) listings only. Support for other listing types may be available in the future.

Happy bidding!

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