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Sell Tickets for your Event through your Auction Site

Over the years, I have been asked this question many times.

How do I sell tickets to my event?

Within the auction system, you have the ability to list an LTO (limited time offer – fixed price multi-quantity) listing.  What this feature does for you is to facilitate the sale of a ticket.  As the feature that it is created to be, this works great, but some of our clients have said, “I want to sell them through Facebook and my web site at the same time“.  Our LTO feature was designed for use within the auction site, not outside of it. But there is a way to integrate a third party tool into the auction system so that you can have a seamless ticket sales experience everywhere, including your auction!

I suggest: EventBrite (

EventBrite is the feature that focuses exclusively on event ticket sales.  In addition to their run anywhere ticket engine, they have detailed ticket sales reporting focused exclusively on the ticketing aspect of your event.  Their fees and features are all found on their web site.

How to implement into AuctionAnything

Take the EventBrite ticket widget code they provide to you.  Paste it into the Custom Message Module #2 on your auction system and then show that message module on the home page.  This will give you the seamless ticket sales option integrated directly into your auction site that you are looking for.

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