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Remember when eBay used to be THE marketplace for everything?  Remember when people made a good living on eBay?  It seems about as ancient as life without the Internet these days.  When started in 1995, there was no real eBay at that time.  Like our company, they were in the process of finding their way and defining who they were going to be.  Then came the boom of the late ’90’s.

At that time eBay was everywhere and let’s face it, people were making a good living on there.  There was feedback and comments and it was capitalism at its finest. was focusing on those companies who wanted a world outside of eBay for the branding and marketing and custom features that eBay couldn’t provide to them.  We were there for those people who didn’t quite fit the eBay mold.

It seemed eBay had conquered the world.  Amazon and Yahoo auctions were going away and then it happened.  Somewhere, somehow, the marketplace for everything thought it controlled the universe.  Few can argue that it was a bad idea to get rid of the inapropriate categories, but those moments signalled a new eBay.  The rough and ready world of unbridled capitalism began experimenting with corporate controls and this was the canary in the coal mine.

A few years ago, eBay began with major changes to fee structures and some customers saw the writing on the wall and left eBay to strike out on their own. became a safe haven for power sellers who realized they controlled their own destiny.  Some sellers saw increased sales volume, some saw it decrease, but they all saw the most important increase. . .in their bottom line.

Like life in an abusive relationship too many power sellers went back to their abuser after the abuser promised to do better.  Well the abuser is striking back again.  Power sellers no longer exist on eBay.  Oh sure there is still a designation within the seller console, but the status and benefits from marketing are going away.

Now sellers are trying to live within the new criteria of detailed seller rankings and changing power seller rules and trying to figure out if they are doing things correctly because they know that if they fail, the penalty is severe in the form of death and or imprisonment.  Not literally of course, eBay hasn’t gone that far, yet.  Imprisonment in the world of search results rankings and death by account limitation. now sits here as a safe haven for abused sellers.  Take your customer base.  Take your expertise.  Take back your marketplace.  Strike out on your own like those before you and experience the power of running your own auction marketplace. gives you the power of Facebook to market to 500 million people worldwide.

Let the freedom of choice and control be back in your own hands and not in the hands of a company that no longer has your personal best interest at heart. is here to offer you sanctuary and another chance at success in an online auction world with your own brand, reputation and opportunity.

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