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The Value of QR Codes

A few weeks ago, we discussed the use of QR codes for content marketing, but did not really discuss the practical application or value as a marketing tool. While it’s definitely nice to have a QR code embedded on a traditional website (for example, to quickly open the same link on a smartphone without having to re-type the URL), the true value of a QR or quick response code is realized when the code is emblazened on something not web-based. T-shirts, stickers, business cards, print advertising materials and billboards are all excellent places for the ubiquitous QR Code. And adding the internet-dimension to a physical object provides an augmented reality layer to marketing efforts that greatly enhances the value of an offering, service or physical product.

In looking for “value”, the end result should be a call to action – like a purchase, or research or a physical contact of some type. Keeping this in mind, when applying QR Codes to your marketing efforts, remember that the code should lead your user to more value, and more action. Additional ideas are all over the web, and a Google search of the term QR Code will definitely provide enough reading materials to satisfy the most curious marketer. To get you started, here is a good (and short) post to get you started. As you read and learn more about QR codes, don’t forget to think about the ways in which they can help you bridge your physical  goods or services to the net – and the additional info and ultimate call to action they can provide.

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