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To bundle or Not to bundle

Often times in an auction you have 2 items that seem to go together that you naturally want to bundle with the thought that it will get you a higher dollar return, but is that always the best choice?

Questions to ask before bundling

  • Is one of the items of a much higher value than the others?
  • Do the lower value items increase the value of the item?
  • Are the lower value items essential to the purchase of the main item?
If you have a trip to a remote island and your secondary item is a sea plane trip that services that area, then that is an essential purchase and does add significant value to the overall package.
If you have a trip to New York City to a Times Square hotel and your add on item is a rental car that can be used anywhere in the world, that is not an essential item.  In fact it might not add any value at all with the fact that most travelers would never dare to drive in New York City.
What you don’t want to do is to take an item with value (rental car) and de-value it by packaging it with another item.  The winning bidder on the New York trip isn’t going to bid more because there is a rental car offered, so bundling in this case just doesn’t make sense.

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