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Updated Report Center Now Available is excited to introduce the latest software update to the Admin Management Console, the Report Center. The Report Center features two recently developed reports and several updates to existing reports. In addition, reports are delivered in a more useful and better integrated format which contains new “drill down” capabilities. Current clients are encouraged to utilize the cross-reference directory at the bottom of the Report Center – Home tab to locate reports formerly listed under the Reports menu on the auction web site.


Creating/Saving Reports within Centers

As previously discussed, the enhanced Admin Console is based on the concept of top level “Centers” which focus on content paramount to managing the auction process (i.e. Auctions, Images, Reports, Payments etc). Many centers, such as the Auction and Payment Centers, inherently contain Search and Reports tabs to provide basic reporting functionality.

Saving Report Within Center

Saving Report Within Center

The Reports tab within a Center typically consists of preset reports AND custom, “saved” reports. The custom reports section enables administrators to use the improved Search function to locate and save information as desired (i.e formerly My Reports). Therefore, in the Auction Center for example, custom auction reports may now be created and saved directly within the center and not from within the Report Center.


Report Center Contents

The Report Center focuses on providing activity reports which deliver additional insight into the performance of the auction. These reports extend past the basic functionality contained within Center reporting as mentioned above. The following reports are provided:

  • Summary (Enhanced!) – bidding, sales and registration activity summary over a user-specified, listing closing date range
  • Details (New!) – drill down, bidder activity details based on “Total Bidders” from Summary report
  • Limited Time Offer (LTO) – performance details for fixed-priced, LTO listings
  • Dutch (Enhanced!) – performance details for multiple quantity Dutch listings
  • Bidder – most active bidders
  • Item – most popular items
  • By Category (Enhanced!) – sales performance by listing category
  • By Donor/Consignor (New!) – sales performance by donor/consignor
  • Invites – customer e-mail invitation data report
  • Data Feed – special reporting tool (see below)


New Reports

There are two brand new reports:

  1. Details (Bidder)
    The Details tab contains bidder information related to the “Total Bidders” component of the Activity Summary. The administrator can run a report directly, or drill down into detailed bidder activity using the associated “View Report” button from within the Summary tab. The Details section shows how many items a bidder is bidding on, whether he/she is the winning or losing, and if the customer is a new or existing bidder/winner. For more information, additional drill down functionality is provided for listing specific details for each bidder.
  2. By Donor/Consignor
    For those clients using the Donor/Consignor module, this report provides real-time sales performance information. The number of listings available, percentage sold, total sales amounts and sales-to-list values are included.


Details Report

New Details Report


What about Statistics “reports”?

Statistical data, formerly included in the “Statistics” section of the Report menu, is contained directly within the applicable Center. For example, Reports > Statistics > Listings information is now located within the Auction Center under the Totals tab (note that most Centers have a Totals tab). Data is summarized By Year, By Month and By Day with drill down functionality to display the detailed listing information under the Search tab. In this particular case, auction data can be filtered by listing type and/or bid status and summarized by entered on, starting on or closing on date. Please use the cross-reference directory to locate specific Statistics reports.

Statistics Report

Auction Listings Statistics Report


What are Data Feeds?

The Data Feed function enables to efficiently deliver client-specific reports via a web interface. Although there are many web-based reports included in the hosted auction service, there may be occasion where custom reports are required by a client. In such cases, can program specific database queries and deliver the exportable results, leveraging our API (Application Programming Interface), via a special, “report creator” interface within the auction program. If your application requires custom reporting not included with the product, please contact your account representative for a quote.


Listing and Customer “Drill Downs”

Immediate access to additional information is a core focus of the improved Admin Console. The Summary section contains several “View Report” buttons which allow the administrator to “drill down” into the related data. These options furnish direct access to additional information within the Details, LTO and Dutch tabs. In addition, any tab which contains lot number and/or customer names offers “drill down” capabilities into those areas too. Clicking on a name or lot number opens a modal window for the respective member or listing. This common technique provides the ability to quickly access a host of information without leaving the associated report, thus saving time and promoting a much more efficient management experience.

Customer Drill Down

Customer Drill Down


Summary has enhanced the reporting capabilities of the auction system and updated the interface to deliver better organized and easier to consume reports. The new Report Center is another step in expanding the capabilities Administrator Management Console. If needed, custom reports can be delivered via a web-based interface for clients who require advanced reporting capability. For those clients with programming capability, also offers API options.

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